King and Collector : Henry VIII and the Art of Kingship

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  • Author: Linda Collins, Siobhan Clarke
  • Format: Hardback 208 pages, 23 Illustrations, colour
  • Publisher: The History Press
  • Published:15 Apr 2021
  • No English king is as well-known to us as Henry VIII - famous for his six marriages, for dissolving the monasteries and for the ruthless destruction of his foes. But Henry was also an ardent patron of the arts, whose magnificent tapestries and paintings adorned his lavish court and began the Royal Collection.

    In contrast to later royal collectors, Henry was more interested in storytelling than art for its own sake, and all his commissions relate to one central tale: the glorification of the king and his realm. Henry's life can be seen through his collection and the works reveal much about both his kingship and his insecurities. King and Collector tells this unique story of art and power, peeling back the layers of propaganda to show the true face of the Tudor monarch.