Ship's Cats Print Matthew Flinders and his cat Trim

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Artist: Celia Pike

Size 297 x210mm on Fotospeed Matt Ultra 240gsm paper.

Mounted on  300 x 215mm backing board.

Packed in EN13432 compostable PLA. Bag.

Made in UK.

Captain Flinders, navigator and cartographer, adopted a kitten born onboard a ship bound for Botany Bay in 1799. He called him ‘Trim’ and from 1801 took him on several voyages in pursuit of his dream of circumnavigating what was known then as ‘New Holland’. Trim was popular with the crew and Flinders wrote stories about him, praising his bravery, curiosity and intelligence. One day they were forced ashore on the island of Mauritius where they were taken prisoner by the French, and shortly after Trim vanished without trace. Fearing the worst, a heartbroken Flinders wrote: “Thus perished my faithful, intelligent Trim. The sporting, affectionate and useful companion of my voyages during four years. Never, my Trim, shall I see thy like again.” Flinders had identified ‘New Holland’ as a continent and it was he who suggested it be re-named ‘Australia’. He and Trim will always be remembered and there are statues of them together erected in both Australia and England