Ship's Cats Print Fisherman's Cat

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Artist: Celia Pike.

Size 297 x210mm on Fotospeed Matt Ultra 240gsm paper.

Mounted on  300 x 215mm backing board.

Packed in EN13432 compostable PLA. Bag.

Made in UK.

Since fishing is a centuries-old and often perilous occupation, it may be unsurprising that numerous associated superstitions have been handed down through the generations. Often concerning danger, safety, luck and the weather, many of the customs, beliefs and traditions endure to this day within fishing communities – whether taken ‘with a pinch of salt’ or slightly more seriously! If a cat licks its fur against the grain, for example, a storm is on the way. If it sneezes it is going to rain and if it is frisky it will be windy. A cat that purrs or rubs itself around a crew-member’s legs foretells a large catch, and a black cat kept at home will bring a fisherman back safely.