Ship's Cats Print The Cats Hammock

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Artist: Celia Pike

Size  297 x210mm on Fotospeed Matt Ultra 240gsm paper.

Mounted on  300 x 215mm backing board.

Packed in EN13432 compostable PLA. Bag.

Made in UK.

The Cat’s Hammock, HMS Belfast From the start of World War II the presence of cats was encouraged on board the Royal Navy ships. As well as performing their duties of controlling vermin, cats often formed affectionate bonds with crew members and provided much needed comfort. The act of stroking a purring cat proved to be soothing to those who might be injured, homesick or frightened. Their feline antics and playfulness would entertain when distraction was needed. Crew members on more than a few ships reportedly made tiny cat sized hammocks for their little friends, like this one on HMS Belfast, made for the ship’s mascot Frankenstein