Memorabilia Pack: Yanks

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Publisher: Memorabilia Pack Company 

A Replica Pack is a collection of high quality reproduced paper memorabilia,  which really brings history topics to life for a new generation. Viewing actual documents related to a topic really sparks the imagination. 

The Yanks memorabilia pack is a collection of high quality reproduced paper memorabilia from World War 2. The contents are all related to life in Britain for the legions of American soldiers who served there during WW2. It makes an excellent educational aid for a new generation and can be used to invoke memories in an older one.

Pack Includes:

  • Yank Weekly magazine
  • A short guide to Great Britain booklet
  • US Red Cross newsletters
  • Variety of passes and ID
  • Hand written letter from an American Serviceman
  • Dance invitation
  • Miscellaneous cards and images