All Things Georgian

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  • Author:      Joanne Major, Sarah Murden
  • Format:     Paperback 192 pages,100 colour & black and white illustrations
  • Publisher:  Pen & Sword
  • Published: 2 Oct 2019


Take a romp through the long eighteenth-century in this collection of 25 short tales. Marvel at the Queen's Ass, gaze at the celestial heavens through the eyes of the past and be amazed by the equestrian feats of the Norwich Nymph. Journey to the debauched French court at Versailles, travel to Covent Garden and take your seat in a box at the theatre and, afterwards, join the mile-high club in a new-fangled hot air balloon.

Meet actresses, whores and high-born ladies, politicians, inventors, royalty and criminals as we travel through the Georgian era in all its glorious and gruesome glory. In roughly chronological order, covering the reign of the four Georges, 1714-1830 and set within the framework of the main events of the era, these tales are accompanied by over 100 stunning colour illustrations.