Elizabethan Chess Set

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Supplier: Berkeley Chess

Utilising a careful process, this range of chess sets are stained in Cardinal (a contemporary red). It’s then further stained to add an antique effect. This results in an aged beautiful set that is eye catching and really stands out. They are well weighted with an improved ratio of crushed marble and resin, and then finished with a felt underlay.

Elizabethan England has been encapsulated in this beautiful chess set created by the master craftsmen of Berkeley Chess. The characters bringing the era to life are as follows:

King:          Lord Burghley – Sir William Cecil, The Queen’s Chief Advisor

Queen:       Elizabeth I

Bishop:      Matthew Parker – Archbishop of Canterbury

Knight:      Sir Walter Raleigh

Rook:         White Tower of The Tower of London

Pawns:       Ships of the English Fleet

Board not included